East Region Open Water Championships 2018

Whitlingham Outdoor Centre

July 22, 2018  –  

The link below gives all the details for this year’s East Region Open Water championships.

East region Open water championships 2018

However, please see Josie’s recent email re. entering this event as it is cheaper if you enter through the club. The cost for each event is in the table below. If entering through the club, you will need to send Josie your name, dob and details of the event(s) you wish to enter. The relevant cost then needs to be transferred to the club using the usual banking details (see Josie’s email for further details). If for some reason you wish to enter individually, you can use this form; however, this way of doing things carries an additional £10 admin charge.

If entering through the club, Josie will need your details/payment by 20th June. Closing date for individual entries is 23rd June

EVENT 1 3km Freestyle £21
EVENT 2 Novice 1km Freestyle – (If this is oversubscribed, new swimmers will be given priority). £15
EVENT 3 2km Freestyle £21
EVENT 4 5km Freestyle Championship £21

Provisional Timetable 2018